I have received many thank you email & letters from many of you, and now it is my turn to thank you.

Without all the support from you out there, this site would definitely not be as successful as it is. I may be doing the backend stuff to keep the site running, but you guys are the ones that help create this wealth of information found in the forums. Before I thank you fellow TDI lovers, I have to thank Arcterex who runs and provides me with the web space and web access. Some of the donations have been going to help him keep this site up and deal with the traffic you guys/gals generate.

In 1999 when I first upgraded the forums, to something similar to what you see today, the following were eager to jump aboard and give some support (in no particular order): 99Jet, colucci, WOOCHOW, armstrrs, Paul, DEZLBOY, & SkyPup (Now retired, but our first moderator).

In 2000 a second round started when a number for people wanted to help the site and convinced me to take some money to help cover the rest of the software costs & ensure that the forums could stay up (i.e. some hardware upgrades to make sure we don't get overloaded, or attempt):). They are (in no particular order): dparnell, velostuf, James Warnick*, murraywest, mickey, Todd Scott, SkyPup, Luap, Ron, Eddy, The Ripster, Torqster, cars wanted, Boswell Bear, MrDeep, Thomas Babb, Gary Miyakawa, donh., Norman, ENUTPEN8, Dan Doornek, and DZLLOU.

Not to be outdone, some people have decided that if I run the TDI pages, I should drive a TDI. There fore they started a "Get Fred a TDI Pledge Sheet" (Which unfortunatly got lost:(). You are all too kind. Some of these people decided to just send their money right away and I'm keeping that money for TDI page upgrades, maintenance, and maybe even to get me into a TDI sooner that I had planned. Thanks goes out toPaul, erickimb, Strack , VelvetFoot, SkyPup, valois, wxman, ccogden, MacGyver, morty, Peter Cheuk, tomo366, Mickey, The Ripster, paschalini, Hondo, colucci, CaddyMan, Leon R, gestalTDIesel, Bob Norris, brian, Frank TDI, cars wanted, SteveS, Ric Woodruff, Mik, garrettp, Jim Williston, boyelectric, VeeDubTDI, and a few more (sorry I missed your names:().

Also many of you have emailed & mailed me articles to post. Except for some articles from BKmetz, I never recorded your usernames. I'm sorry about this, but I really appreciate the info, and please send it to the forums or my way if you find good new articles of interests.

And last, but definitely not least: All of you who have contributed your time and knowledge into the forums, eh.


Fred (VW Derf)

PS if you wish to help out we need people to help update the FAQ and a few other things. If you wish to donate financially, feel free to email me for my address.


* I don't have your username. If this is you, could you email it to me so I can give your credit to your username.