VW and TDI Links

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Official VW Links
Volkswagen AG in Germany The main web page for Volkswagen AG located in Germany (German version).  This is also the parent company to VWoA.
Volkswagen AG (English Version) The English entry point for the above web site.
VW of America Official VW of America (Canada Included) Web Page.
VW-AUDI Kundeninformation VW distributor in Austria(German)
VW of Mexico VW of Mexico homepage
VW of Australia VW of Austrilia homepage
VWoA's Industrial Engine Division
(800) 909-7656
VW of America's Industrial Engine Division.  For info on purchasing complete self contained diesel,TDI 90hp &110hp and gas engines. I have no info on them, except for rumours that they will not sell any engine if they get the understanding it will be for an automobile.  These engines are more for generators and such devices. (Sorry, not aware of a web site for these guys).
VWAG Industrial Engine Division The above links German counterpart.
Seat Seat, A division of Volkswagen AG, also selling TDI cars.
Skoda Skoda, A division of Volkswagen AG, also selling TDI cars.
Audi of Germany The main Audi Web Site
Audi of America Audi web site for Canada and the US
Bentley Another division of Volkswagen AG. 
VW 3 Litre car (German) The world-wide first, absolutely adequate 3-Liter-Automobile.  The VW Lupo
VW 3 Litre car Above Translated into English via Altavista.
VWoA Technical Bulletins VWoA Technical Bulletins

Personal TDI/Diesel Web Pages
TDI Timing belt Instructions on changing the timeing belt on a Passat TDI.
VW Diesel Page VW Diesel Page, also includes a link to a Diesel Mailing list.
One of the original TDI pages. Features TDI articles, TDI sound files, TDI links and a spreadsheet for tracking the great fuel mileage you'll get with a TDI. Also home of Fahrfrumpumpen merchandise.
Tin's TDI Wagon Page. A great site.
Info on how a Diesel Engine works Some info on how a Diesel Engine works... Very informative.
The Vegie Van Info on the use of BioDiesel.
Idea's on Powering a VW T3 with a 1.9l TDI VW T3 camper ("Vanagon Westfalia") to be TDI powered (In German)
Dave's Advice Page More good diesel info
Technical Review of All Things Diesel Chevron oil company - comprehensive diesel technical review
Philip Christian's Passat Site. "christi" in the Forums. Some good stuff here as well as his Peugeot site
Dominique's Volkswagen Page Another Forum Members web page. Some really good technical data here.
Volkswagen Golf TDI 110PK Dutch Member's Site
Audi A4 V6TDI Web site of a members Audi A4 V6 TDI. Includes a picture of him redlined at 220km/h (french).
Diesel Technology Forum Site that state "Our job is to promote a greater understanding of the value of diesel technology."  Great resource for diesel related information, news and education.
A2TDI - Project TRQMNSTR Site documenting the installation of a TDI into an A2 Jetta

Other VW Web Pages
One of the best VW resources out there.  Very good news, always updated as well as a good forum for discussing issues with the VW Group. (Focus more on North America).
David's Volkswagen Home Page Good VW web page, tonnes of resources available. One of Volkswagen's World Wide Hot Links.  Includes VW comercials.
Jan's Homepage...Home of the VW Achieves Massive amounts of information re VWs
GTI VR6 Online The TDI isn't a VR6, but this page has good tips on problem solving/trouble for more than just the VR6
Passat Owners Group The Passat Owners Group.  Lots of info on Passats, including TDIs

Decode the VIN from your VW.

Unofficial GTI 16 Valve site The unofficial VW GTI 16 Valve Site
VW Car Commerical Watch your favorite VW Commercial on the net.
Other Diesel Sites
GM 6.2L/6.5L Diesel Page Information Resource for the GM 6.2L and 6.5L Diesel Engines.
Diesel Page A Diesel Page by Diesel Injection Service.
Global Engergy Research "Diesel Fuel Specialties". A US company that produces diesel fuel supplements for bulk users
Fuel and Additive Explanation

A comprehensive diesel fuel and additive explantation from Chevron.

Green Diesel Technology Clean Air Technology by International Truck and Engine Corporation

Other Misc. Web Sites
Vehicle Importation Regulations NHTSA info on importing cars into the US.
Customes Regs. Regulations of importing cars into the US by US Customs.
Stern Lighting FAQ A good FAQ on automotive car lighting
Automedia Online  A good car spy site.
Speedometer Calculator Great online calculator to calculate wheel size diamentions.  Very good when plus sizing.
Fuel Consumption Guide Canadian Fuel consumption guid from Natural Resources Canada.  Great reference.
GTI VR6 Online Site allows people to subscribe to foreign (car) magazines from around the world.
Society of Automotive Engineers The Society of Automotive Engineers is your one-stop resource for technical information and expertise used in designing, building, maintaining, and operating self-propelled vehicles for use on land or sea, in air or space.
Lubrizol Corp Supplier of performance chemicals for lubricants, fuels, etc

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