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CHICAGO (December 17, 1999) -- The Engine Manufacturers Association (EMA) applauds ARCO’s efforts in developing a cleaner burning diesel fuel, well in advance of anticipated regulatory requirements. The new fuel aims specifically at helping reduce soot emissions from urban municipal fleets in South California.

We’re glad to see a petroleum company in a major market, step up to the plate and take a leading role in reducing emissions,” said Glenn Keller, EMA Executive Director.

The new fuel will have a maximum sulfur content of 15 parts per million (ppm), while the average sulfur content of diesel fuel currently used in California (CARB Diesel) is almost 10-times greater. In addition, ARCO believes the new fuel, used in combination with after-treatment, will be comparable to, or better than, alternative fuels in reducing emissions levels -- resulting in healthier air quality.

“For the past 30 years, EMA members have been working to reduce emissions from our products, which makes this development particularly exciting,” said Keller. “In 1988, for example, EMA members worked together with fuel suppliers to develop low sulfur fuel regulations and we continue to believe that fuel quality is critically important to reducing emissions.

“We are proud of EMA’s record of working with fuel suppliers and regulators to reduce emissions while maintaining the fuel economy and performance characteristics important to the transportation industry.”


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