Vendor Registration

TDIClub Vendor Registration Procedure


1.    Vendor downloads registration form from

2.  Form is completed, signed and faxed to 604-676-2533.

3.    If the Vendor has been a member for two months, then their application will be processed. If not, their application will wait until that time has passed, and provisionally their status will be ďVendor in WaitingĒ until they have been approved.

4.    Data is entered into a spreadsheet that is not web-accessible for privacy/security concerns by Fred. Verification to be done by Fred or approved representative.

5.    Some data will be validated and once done the status of a vendor will be modified to "VendorĒ or "Vendor with Business Info", "Service Provider", "Service Provider with Business Info" or "Associate of <Insert Business Name>" and they will be granted access to start threads in the Vendor Classifieds forum.

6.    Information provided with your registration may be re-validated at any time.


Vendor Registration FAQ

To whom and why is registration required, and how do I register?

 Q: What is the purpose of Vendor Registration?

A: Vendor registration is done for a few reasons:

1.    Allows members of the TDIClub community to know who is a vendor and who is not;

2.    Helps reduce the chances of a fraudulent vendor who is a fly-by-night venture or outfit;

3.    Keeps a level playing field for all Vendors on TDIClub;

4.  Ensures that all vendors know what the rules are, and abide by them.


 Q: I donít have a business licence; do I need to apply for one in order  to register as a vendor or service provider at TDIClub?

A: No, You do not need to be a licenced business entity to register as a vendor or service provider at TDIClub.  But regardless of whether you are a business entity in the legal sense, if you receive compensation for your product or services, you must register with TDIClub.


Q: I sell parts as a hobby; do I need to register?

A: If the parts are more than a clearing-out of your personal items, and if you receive compensation for this, then yes.


Q: I provide a service to a few people on the side; do I need to register?

A: If you receive compensation for this, then yes.


Q: I want to sell my car, do I need to get registered?

A: It depends if this is a business or not. No, if it's your personal car.  While it is conceivable that someone can end up buying and selling multiple cars in a year, common sense will be applied.


Q: Iím parting-out a car; do I need to get registered?

A: If you have a different car to part out every couple months or more, then this is obviously a common occurrence. If your car got totalled, or you just donít need the parts anymore, then it is a rare event and you donít need to register.


Q: I have partners or distributors sell my product; do they need to register?

A: Yes, they must register either under your own registration as associates or with their own registration.


Q: I have added partners, employees, and/or salespeople who are also on TDIClub since my initial registration; do I need to update this information?

A: Yes, send your updated form with the TDIClub registration accounts.


Q: I donít have a fax machine, can I e-mail the form?

A: Faxes are preferred for efficiency, but if that is a problem we can accept a PDF version. Please note that this can delay processing your application by up to one week. Also remember that there are many places that can send a quick, inexpensive fax for you.


Q: What is an ďAssociateĒ mentioned on the registration form?

A: An associate is anyone who has a professional business relationship related to the ventures with which you are involved. Associates may be paid- or volunteer staff of your company; suppliers, distributors or wholesale buyers; or a party that you sponsor with products, services or money, and who speaks on your behalf. This is not an exclusive listing of examples of associates, but a guideline. If you are unsure, ask a TDIClub staff member.


Q: Does registration cost anything?

A: No, it does not cost anything to register. A donation or financial contribution to support the site would be greatly appreciated and is encouraged, but it is voluntary. Such contributions do not ďbuyĒ any special consideration or entitlements.


Q: Iím waiting for the two month period to end. Can I post in the meantime?

A: Yes, as long as you posts have nothing to do with products or services you are selling, or on behalf of others selling products or services. The waiting period is not intended to allow pending vendors to preempt registration approval to commence selling or promoting their products.


Q: What kind of turnaround time can I expect in regards to my registration?

A: If the member who submitted registration has been a member for the prescribed minimum time, validation should be completed within two weeks. On occasion there may be delays due to unforeseen circumstances, and in that case you will receive a note regarding the delay and/or a note will be posted on TDIClub to reflecting this delay in processing and the date it will resume again.


Q: If I register as a Vendor, can I still participate in discussions?

A: Vendors ARE allowed to participate in general civil discussions as everyone else is. Vendors ARE NOT allowed to jump in other vendor's threads and trash, troll, bait, flame, etc., the competition. Example: all vendors are allowed to talk about what makes a good chip tune. ĎThis is why I make my chip tunes this wayí IS allowed. ĎYour chip tunes are crap and blow up turbosí IS NOT allowed. Common sense and maturity is one's guide.


Vendors ARE NOT allowed to post in any thread outside the Vendor Classifieds for the purpose of solicitation to promote or sell their products, no matter how thinly disguised. Vendors are not allowed to mine the forums to drum up business. Example: Someone in a thread reports they are due for a timing belt change, what parts do they need? A vendor posts that he has a special going on for TB kits. Those types of posts will be deleted. Repeat offenses will result in temporary loss or posting privileges, or even in the vendor being permanently banned.


No vendor is allowed to jump in another vendor's thread. If you are a vendor, you automatically live in a glass house on TDIClub. No throwing stones at the competition. The vendor mantra is to mind one's own business literally and figuratively.

Any and all associates to vendors, whatever their connections, will not be allowed to shill, troll, trash, flame, bait, etc., the competition. All associates will have to abide by the same rules as the vendors. Any associate, who trashes a competitor's product, will be interpreted that the vendor has at least given tacit permission for the associate to do so. So the associate gets his principle in trouble as much as himself.


Q: Reading the above indicates I need to get registered, but I donít care. Iím going to do as I please.

A: Your vendor-related posts will be removed and you will be instructed submit your vendor registration. If you still donít want to get register, and you continue to post in violation of the Forum Rules, then your account will be suspended.

Q: I want to give back to TDIClub. How can I do this? 

A: There are several ways, and not all are financial. Here are a few examples:

1.   Helping those on the forums and constructively contributing to discussions;

2.   Making a donation at the annual TDIFest.

Q: What if I close my business?

A: Send an email to reflecting this and we will remove your status.


Q: If I close my business, can I go back to being a regular member?

A: Of course. Please note that if you decide to start selling products or services that require vendor registration it is your responsibility to get re-registered BEFORE you do this promotion on TDIClub.




Vendors and Posts

Q: Iím a registered vendor, where can I post product announcements?

A: In the Vendor Classifieds section. Product announcements are to be limited to a reasonable amount (as defined by TDIClub management).


Q: Iím a registered vendor; can I still post in other forums?

A: Provided that your postings are to provide assistance to others and not a thinly disguised cover to promote products in which you have a vested interest.


Q: A member has asked a support question regarding my products. Can I answer the post?

A: Of course, where your name or product is specifically mentioned. This is encouraged as it can help others in the same situation.


Q: A member has asked for support or advice on a product similar to what I sell. Can I give my two cents on that product?

A: NO. Vendors are not to engage in commentary regarding competing products.


Q: I have a product or service I think would be of interest to people in a specific forum other than the vendor section. Can I post it there?

A: No, the vendor section is there for you.


Q: Can I post information I feel needs to be corrected in another vendors topic?

A: No.


Q: Can I spam the different forums with items related or unrelated to TDI items?

A: No. This is grounds for immediate suspension of your account.


Q: Iíve got a get-rich-quick scheme, MLM or similar SPAM, can I post it?

A: No, you are not welcome. By the way, donít let the door hit you on your way out! This is grounds for immediate suspension of your account.


Q: I offer services for a specific geographical area. How can I promote this?

A: One sticky thread of local vendors will be created in each regional section. You can write ONE post in this section describing your products, services and contact information. You may NOT comment on other posts or vendors.


Q: Ok, Iím registered, now what?

A: You will be granted permission to start topics in the Vendors section, and get a listing in the Vendors Sticky thread.



Other Items


Q: As a vendor can I advertise in my signature?

A: Yes, as long as text is less than 5 lines or an image of no more than 120x340 pixels.


Q: What if I donít like a vendor; can I get him kicked-off the TDIClub?

A: No. Each vendor will be held to the same standards.


Q: I think another vendor is not following the registration requirements. What can I do?

A: Use the ďReport PostĒ icon and include a description of why you feel the rules are not being followed. TDIClub staff will investigate the issue.


Q: I canít get a hold of a registered vendor.

A: If this information is not posted, contact a TDIClub moderator or administrator. We will provide the contact information provided by the vendor.


Q: Can I advertise on TDIClub?

A: No, TDIClub is focused on its members and strives to keep advertising off of the website. You are however free to promote your products in various ways at the annual TDIFest or other organised functions. Proceeds from the Fests help cover operating costs over the year, and members can see how you give back to the community. Inquire for details.


Q: I would like to do some research on a new product I am thinking about creating. Can I post this and get input?

A: Provided this product is only in the development stages and is not available for purchase or pre-purchase you may start one thread in another section on this topic. Once you are ready to bring this product to market you must Ďreport your postí to the moderator and indicate that you are bringing this product to market and ask them to move it to the vendor section allowing you to move to the next level.


Group Buys


Q: As a vendor, can I post a Group-Buy?

A: A Vendor may only organise a Group Buy and initiate a thread for it in the Vendor / Group Buy forum. Cross-posting in other forums to inform of the ongoing offer by the same Validated Vendor or any Associate thereof is strictly prohibited.


Q: I am not a vendor, can I organise and post a group-buy?

A: It is recognised that due to the regional nature of organising group buys, members who are not Validated Vendors may post threads to do so in the respective regional forum. However, TDIClub accepts absolutely NO responsibility nor liability for any loss resulting from this practise. Cross-posting group buy threads or referring across multiple forums is strictly prohibited. Under no circumstances should monies for the purchase of a group buy product and deliveries go through a single member middle-man, but rather arranged directly with the Validated Vendor.