TDI Fest 2002
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   Saturday's Agenda         

This page provides information for Saturday (Aug 31th 2002) TDI Fest 2002 days event. That day events will all be held at the Mid Michigan Motorplex  in Stanton MI. We will have the use of the drag strips track up until 2:30 PM for TDI Fest activities. Then normal racing activities begins at the track and we (the TDI's group) become one of the racing classes.
The track will also have open food facilities and restrooms for our all day use.
*** Please note NO Alcoholic Beverages allowed on the premises ***

The following is a run down of the days events.

AT 2:30pm all event must be cleaned up and off the track so it can be returned to the track officials so time trails/racing  can begin!

  Pictures of the track!

Arial Shot 
-Gives a representation how big the track is!   
Spectator Box -The air conditioned box we will use to watch the race from. Take note of the concrete triangle down on the center line of the track. The Christmas tree gets mounted there so we will have a birds eye view of the cars as the leave the the tree to run their run.
Spectator2 Box -A second shot from the box! The box should make for an awesome night as the sun goes down and watching the       whole race from.
Spectator3 Box -More of the same
Tower -Under the tower is where we will setup our Tech Session.  
Finish Line  -Track elapse time sign boards  
Staging and Roll out Area Area where cars stage before racing and another shot of the tower where cars will stage.   

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