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TDI Fest 2002
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Sunday's Agenda
This page provides information for Sunday (Sept 1, 2002) TDI Fest 2002 days event.

The following is a run down of the days events.

  • Brunch Technical Session starts @ 9:00am until 11:00pm
    This will be held at the Hilton Motel in the Wolverine room. Breakfast buffet is $14.00 (which already includes taxes and hotel charges) per person  and provided by the Spinnaker Restaurant.   Cash only can be accepted at the door.  We will have a Technical session which includes a representative from Vag Com   and Rally VW giving presentations.
  • Drivers Meeting for mileage road rally 12:00pm until 1:00pm
    The meeting will be held at Gezon Motors VW dealership in Grand Rapids in the parking area (map to Gezon VW) This meeting will give participants time to sign up and get info and maps for the road rally. A free lunch will be provided for the rally participants courtesy Gezon VW.  Participants are expected to start the rally at Gezon with full tanks (Bio fuel may be available on site, details are still being worked out on this) of  fuel. Also premium   diesel will available 1/4 mile south of Gezon VW on the same side of the road at the Meijer Thrifty Acres  gas station. Before starting the rally tanks will be sealed beginning at 1:00PM. It is expected that all drivers will complete the road rally before 4:00pm and return to Gezon Motors for refill of their tanks with a rally official present. Drivers finishing the rally after 4:00pm will be disqualified!
  • Banquet Starts 6:00pm and runs until 9;00pm
    The banquet will be held at the Hilton Motel in Grand Rapids  Mi in the Michigan Grand room. The cost of the banquet will be $30.00 per person and cash only will be collected at the door! A cash bar will be available and the menu will include the follo

         -Chef Salad served prior to dinner,                        Au gratin potatoes
         -Pasta Salad                                                               Rotisserie Chicken
         -Fruit Salad                                                                Sliced Sirloin
         -Roasted garlic mashed potatoes                           Deluxe Assorted Desert Table
          6% sales tax plus 18% hotel service & tip charges (is included in the $30.00 banquet fee)

            Please note:  The banquet is considered a dress up affair.  Proper attire for the banquet is as follows:   Women :Outfit or skirt\dress.  Men : Suit or slacks and sport jacket and tie.`

This page last updated by Hondo 7/14/2002

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