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TDI Fest 2002
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  Friday's Agenda

This page provides information for Friday (Aug 30, 2002) TDI Fest 2002 days event.

  • Hospitality Room at the Hilton opens  @ 6:00pm until 10:00pm
    Friday night there will be a hospitality room at the Hilton in the Wolverine room A & B with a cash bar and snacks. The evening will begin at 6pm with a small program, weekend handouts, name tags, and Introduction of the events and those involved as contacts for each event. Vendors will be on hand
    10.95 per person and provided by the Spinnaker Restaurant.    We will have a Technical session which includes a representative from Vag Com giving a presentation on the use of and features of the Vag Com software.

This page last updated by Hondo 8/18/2002

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